Mike Johnson fixing the Mountain Man Breakfast.

Mountain Man Breakfast

Recipe courtesy of Mike Johnson

12" Dutch Oven (serves 8-10)
24 briquettes (10 bottom/14 top)
cook for 35-45 minutes

Crack eggs in mixing bowl, mix with fork, cover, and set bowl aside where it is safe. Cut onion and bacon into small pieces.
Grease oven with cooking oil and place on top of 14 hot briquettes.
Add bacon first and brown, then add onions.
Remove bacon and onions when done, place on paper towel to drain, and wipe bacon grease out of oven with another paper towel.
Add hash browns to oven and fry until golden brown. When hash browns are done, add bacon and onions, then pour eggs over other ingredients.
Cover oven with lid, and place 14 hot briquettes on top. Check every few minutes until eggs are almost solid, then sprinkle with grated cheese.
Cover oven again, and continue cooking until eggs are firm and cheese is melted.


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