Dutch Oven dinner for all.

Cooking Classes at the Fortuna Dutch Oven Society

At least once each year, the Fortuna Dutch Oven Society presents a cooking class to introduce others to this novel method of preparing food. The classes are generally held three evenings in a row, and are located in Fortuna's beautiful Rohner Park, Participants pay a very low fee and register for the classes at the Park Office.

The Fortuna Dutch Oven Society makes available the cookware and utensils used by the group and the cooking starts the first night. Most of the teaching is done by example and demonstration, and includes fixing a main dish one night and a dessert on another, with the third session set aside for anything else. Only one person needs to register, but bring the kids or the entire family for this social event.  The food is delicious!

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The Fortuna Dutch Oven Society is located in Fortuna, on the beautiful and rugged north coast of California. The group attends events in Northern California.

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